Posted by on September 13, 2017



— John McCardell —


While the country was focused on the devastating hurricanes late last week, another major storm was brewing with our economy but received little fanfare.

For the first time in history, our national debt reached the $20 trillion mark after President Trump signed the legislation suspending the debt limit until December 8. In one fell swoop, the debt increased $317,645,000,000 (that’s over 317 billion for those not wanting to count all the zeros).  Over $14.5 trillion of the debt is debt held by the public, or more simply, you, me, our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren . . .

So despite record debt, there is no sign of letting up. Both sides of the aisle in Congress seem content spending more and more and taxing more and more.  Instead of cutting government spending across the board, Congress is adding more programs, expanding the bureaucracy, funding pet projects all the while blowing hot air to constituents about how they are outraged at this spending and debt.

Perhaps even worse, though, is that Congress passed their debt limit increase under the auspices of hurricane relief.

When it’s other people’s money, Congress is as reckless as the next guy, if not more so. They don’t see it as “taxpayer money,” but rather their money to spend on whatever they see fit.

When will this insanity stop?

When we stand up to Congress and tell them “no more!”

Stand with ALPAC now and demand that no more spending bills or debt increases be passed without significant budget cuts.