Posted by on August 22, 2017

Late last month, members of the House Freedom Caucus filed a “discharge petition” to bring to the House floor legislation identical to the 2015 clean ObamaCare repeal bill passed by Republicans and subsequently vetoed by President Obama.

If the petition receives 218 signatures from members of the U.S. House, a simple majority, it would remove the bill from committee and force a floor vote. Freedom Caucus members say they hope to have the signatures by September.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), released this statement on Twitter:

A move like this is typically used to go around leadership and force a vote on a piece of legislation they refuse to take up, so this action by the Freedom Caucus is a sharp rebuke of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s leadership. Of course, Speaker Ryan had no problem bringing this same clean repeal legislation up for a vote and supporting it in 2015, when he knew President Obama would veto it. SAD.

Unfortunately, that is the type of behavior we have come to expect from Speaker Ryan and others in leadership. After promising to repeal ObamaCare for four straight elections, they still can’t seem to keep their word. But collecting 218 signatures would force Speaker Ryan to hold a vote on clean ObamaCare repeal.

The discharge petition already has support from other factions of Congressional Republicans, including the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC), who said the following:

Republicans already sent this bill to the president in 2016, and should do it again. The only thing that changed since then is that with Donald Trump as president, the bill would actually be signed into law.

I mean that’s just common sense, but Congressman Walker is right. Why are Republicans having such a hard time repealing ObamaCare under President Trump, when they had no problem passing it under President Obama?

Here’s the heart of the issue: Republicans have a hard time keeping their promises.

It’s time that changes, and it starts with you and me.

America’s Liberty PAC is currently asking House Republicans to get on board and sign the discharge petition –- You can sign your Citizen’s Discharge Petition here.

Thanks for your efforts.